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Friday, May 01, 2015

MetaArch3: Sharpening the Saw

     The Brown Bauhaus - Alternative School of Architecture + Design (BBAAD) has formally opened its doors for interested MetaArch3 applicants through its Public Orientation held at Design Center of the Philippines (DCP), which is located at the historical CCP Complex. The recently concluded Public Orientation for batch one was attended by architects, architecture students (Filipino and foreigners), and in-house industrial designers of DCP. 
     MetaArch is an Advanced Design Foundation Course where professionals and students learn, discover, and create authentic designs by undergoing the course's very holistic curriculum. Here, participants will be called "journeymen" and will discover the true art of creativity by studying ten (10) modules: Philosophy Foundation, Art theory, Geometry, Theory of Contrast, Fragmented Weaving, Dimensional Color, Installation Art, Poetry, Horticulture, and Music + Dance.

"We focus on the process of designing, which is patterned in the pedagogy of Bauhaus. In this course, we will eliminate symmetry and will focus more on the non-symmetry and fragmentation. This will be a reeducation. We will not rely on software and technology. Here, it is all about the head, the heart, and hands." - Architect Walther Ocampo, BBAAD Studio Master.

     MetaArch years one and two have created graduates with powerful design philosophy and taste. These acquired skills lead them (MetaArch Graduates) to fast employment here in the Philippines and abroad. Take note: they landed on the elite "design team" and not on "production team". I can attest to that especially that I was able to witness their transformation. Year three promises the same outcome [plus] great opportunities (with the recent partnership with DCP) for this year's journeymen. MetaArch3 will officially start on May 4, 2015 (Monday) at Design Center of the Philippines. Tuition fee is just PhP 5,000.00. Such a small amount in exchange of huge opportunities waiting for successful journeymen. 

     Hurry! It's time to sharpen your saw! Be sure to be part of MetaArch3! If you think that this blog post is not enough for you to be part of MetaArch3, be sure to attend the Public Orientation for Batch two on May 2, 2015.  
"We badly need artists than professionals." 
- Architect Walther Ocampo, BBAAD Studio Master.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Big Hero 6: Disney's Trademark for 2014

     Disney hit big time in 2013 with its animated movie "Frozen". It was a gigantic legacy for Disney as "Elsa... Elsa... do you want to build a snowman?" and "Let it go... let it go!" became words of mouth everywhere. Undeniably, basing on everyone's familiarization, the movie was a big success. 

     In 2014, Disney had it again with "Big Hero 6". "Baymax" had been a popular word on different social networking sites. This movie has different elements in it comparing with "Frozen", but it sure entertained people and made them dream of owning their own Baymax.

     I had the chance of watching the movie and it made me decide to watch it again and to pay much more attention on details for this blog's sake. I was impressed with the whole movie that it made me want to blog about it. "Big Hero 6" is definitely worth reviewing.
     "Big Hero 6" is not your average science fiction/futuristic animation movie. It is a story of relationship, creativity, sacrifice, loss, revenge, and discovering one's own purpose. The story revolves around a fourteen (14) year old boy named Hiro, whose big brother was taken away from him through a fire incident. His loss affected him so much that he completely buried his hopes and dreams until he discovered Baymax inside his room. The story went on when he discovered that his brother's death was no accident, but a terror made by a mysterious masked person. The whole discovery made Hiro's heart revengeful. He became angry that the only best thing to do is to terminate the antagonist. His anger overpowered his intelligence, which made him push too far. He neglected the real purpose of Baymax, which is to give care rather than to give terror. Good thing, Baymax made him realize the real purpose of everything. Taking away the life of the other won't bring back the life that's already gone. Hiro, Baymax, and friends of his brother Tadashi decided to stop the culprit by doing it the right way. The story ended positively with a win-win scenario. The culprit has been captured, no one was hurt, and a life has been saved.
     The story highlighted much on Tadashi's goodness and principles, which made Hiro become better by knowing his purpose. This purpose involves helping people in need and risking his own life to save another's life. As what Tadashi said, which was echoed by Hiro: 
"Someone has to do it."
     The entire movie really impressed me. The story-line is great and so as the transitions. Each picture was not forcefully made to introduce the next one. Elements were made to connect rather than to confuse. Moral lessons were powerfully delivered while funny moments were hilariously exhibited.   

     To end this post, I must say that "Big Hero 6" is Disney's trademark for 2014 when it comes to animated movie. Let's wait for the company to unveil their trademark animated movie for 2015. I'm sure that there will be one. After all, Disney has its own sets of magic.

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