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Monday, January 25, 2016

Our Losing World

     The last time I wrote you a letter was when we were falling apart. That tragic fall is nothing but a memory accompanied with strong energies called emotions. It wasn't gravity's fault... it was our own fault... and I can still recount my losing moment... that moment when I lose you.

     It was a complete struggle to begin with. We let external forces ruin our rotating world of love and joy without knowing it. We were too busy revolving around each other's love that we didn't see their accelerating desire to destroy our world. They brought Armageddon into us. Our euthopian dream of "forever you and me" sunk down to where Atlantis is. Our strong walls were destroyed; our fortifications failed; and then "we" became inexistent. We were both wounded from our battle called "eternity". From there, we were disheartened to continue the fire that we made.

     It seems so wrong that we ended up like pieces of trash. We became worthless and wasted. We didn't even bother to upcycle our current state. We were so depressed with our image that we forgot to think about each other. Extremes made us refugees. As a result, we tend to find refuge in other people's homes. We were so eager in finding that perfect dwelling place that we forgot the home that we once shared. 

     That hurricane made us individuals again. It made us busy in building our own separate walls that we forgot we had our unifying walls before. We struggled to survive and we did... we did survive. We experienced difficulty and defeat and we managed to get up. We had a disaster... and we were successful in rebuilding ourselves... but surely, we failed to rebuild our world.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Artistmat's Principle

Artistmat's Principle

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